What Would You Do? – A Bullying Situation

It seems that every day I hear another bully story. It saddens me when innocent children are hurt and crying because of certain individuals who are exercising control or forcing their point of view onto others. It’s a fact that often the children doing it don’t even Bully Buster Marishka Offers Advice in Mississaugarealize that they are doing anything wrong. To them it has just become the way they are.

Bobby was on the playground at recess and a boy who was supposed to be his friend came up to him, and for no reason started punching him. Bobby told him to stop, that it was hurting him, but the boy continued. This happened quite a few times and Bobby was feeling the punches and they were hurting him a lot. He didn’t want to hurt his friend’s feelings and at first he just said…Stop! You are hurting me. The boy ignored him and continued. Bobby moved away but “Mr. Cool” still kept on coming at every recess.

Bobby is normally shy and he doesn’t want to cause trouble. He didn’t want to complain about his friend, didn’t want to appear like a sissy. He also felt it was tattle-tailing; something he thought would get his friend into trouble. Even though he knew his friend wasn’t mean, what he was doing was harming Bobby.

Stop the Bullying

There comes a time when we will be pushed all the way, when we are ready to say…..enough is enough! I have had it! I can’t take it anymore! This was that time for Bobby! He had told “Mr. Cool” to stop many times, but was ignored. The bruises left him no choice.

He finally went to his teacher and said…. I know that he is supposed to be my friend, but friends don’t hurt each other. If “Mr. Cool” wants to practice his punching he should use a punching bag or another fighting friend, not me. Anyway, he’s not my friend anymore. We don’t talk, or play together; all he does is want to fight. You need to talk to him before he hurts other kids, like he hurt me.

The teacher looked at Bobby’s bruises, and spoke so nicely to him. She thanked him for stepping up and being brave enough to come and tell her about his friend. It took a lot of courage for Bobby, being shy and not wanting to be called a “sucky.”

After that the teacher had a good talk with ”Mr. Cool”. She learned that “Mr. Cool” had been taking Martial Arts for quite some time, and he had decided he wanted to practice on his friends to show them how good he was. He had no idea that he had bruised Bobby so much.

So “Mr. Cool” apologized to Bobby, and said he was sorry for hurting him. “Mr. Cool” began practicing his punching at home and at the training club with other members. He realized that he needed friends at school and he also needed to play at recess, not hit others. He started being friendly, and treating all the kids nicely. Now all the children have fun at recess and no one has to be scared about getting hurt.

When you are bullied, stand tall, be bold and remember that you always have a choice! It’s OK to tell an adult – it’s not tattle-tailing when you, or someone else, is getting hurt!

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