Volleyball for Kids is Growing in Mississauga

Pakmen Kids

Volleyball is becoming the choice sport for both boys and girls in Mississauga and throughout the province. It may even has surpassed soccer in terms of participation. The big shift is at the school level. More and more elementary schools offer house league volleyball during lunch, as opposed to soccer. As a result, local volleyball clubs, such as the Pakmen Volleyball Club has seen a steady increase in its membership, particularly over the past 5 years. Pakmen offers Spikes, a learn-to-play program for boys and girls in grades 1 to 7. “Our enrolment in Spikes has indeed increased year over year, over the past several years” confirms, club director, Kelly Smith. “We have seen a 5% increase each year and our retention rate is also increasing. Kids enjoy this non-contact sport, where they can learn new skills including communication, goal setting, teamwork and concentration. Volleyball players tend to be good students too. No coincidence.”

Pakmen offers Spikes programs on Mondays and Thursday evenings, and at various time, at various locations in Mississauga, on both Saturdays and Sundays. For more information about Spikes and this Mississauga Volleyball Club, please visit or

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