Top 5 Benefits of March Break Camps

With March Break fast approaching, excitement is riding higher and higher. You can see it in your children’s expressions, hear the relief in their voices – finally! Finally – no school for a whole week!Picture for Top 5 Benefits of March Break Camps blog post

Kids and parents alike need a break from the everyday routine of school – it is good for the mind, and good for the spirit. A change of pace can bring so many positive things – but what happens when that break from the everyday “treadmill” of life isn’t replaced with some other worthwhile activity? Even a short week at home can make children stir-crazy if they are not well-occupied.
Parents are well-aware of this phenomena – which is why registrations for March Break Camps generally start the day after the New Year’s hats and streamers are put away! There are many benefits to enrolling your child in a good March Break camp. Here are my top 5 …
Top 5 Benefits of Camp
1. Camps offer kids a chance to make new friends. Especially when kids are joining a camp that features a special interest of theirs, this is an opportunity to meet other kids who share that same interest – which is an excellent foundation for a friendship.
2. Specialty camps offer kids the chance to try out a new skill that interests them – without a long-term commitment if they don’t like it, and with the ability to pursue that skill if they find that they do, indeed, enjoy it.
3. Camps that offer multiple themes can expose your child to new ideas and/or skills that they didn’t even know existed, or that they might like.
4. Camps that offer half-day options allow parents and children to have some focused time to themselves, while still allowing time for the family to do fun stuff together for the rest of the day. Kind of a “best of both worlds” scenario – family time and “me” time for adults and kids.
5. Plain and simple – camps keep kids busy and cared for. Not every parent has the vacation time to take, nor any available babysitters to cover them, while their child is off school. And not every parent wants to take vacation time right at the busiest travel time of the year – many people prefer to travel or vacation with family when tourist spots are not overrun – and costs are not sky-high!
Now, as we all know, life can get busy, and sometimes, we just don’t get things done when we want – important things, like finding a fun, quality camp where the kids can enjoy their March Break. Rest assured, it is not too late! Even in the final weeks before camp begins, there are usually a few spots left – and a good camp will do their best to accommodate your child. I find that the key to choosing the right camp for your child is to look at what they are interested in, and find a camp to match their interests.
This year, kids n bricks™ is offering LEGO® Robotics and Minecraft camps, with both half- and full-day options, for two weeks in March: from March 13-17 and March 20-24. If your child loves to build, create, and play with LEGO, is interested in computer programming and coding, or loves to play Minecraft, then this is definitely the camp for them. For more information about our camps, visit us at

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