Tobogganing in Mississauga has begun. Don’t know where to take your kids for the sledding season? We’re here to help! We’ve compiled a list of the best slopes to go racing down this winter. Tobogganing is loads of fun and those Mississauga kids need activities for this winter break.

Erindale Park

This park is shaped like a bowl that isn’t too steep for kiddies. There are no major obstacles in the way. There is always plenty of parking available, enjoy a short winter walk to fun!


Brookmede Park

Looking for a place to take your little ones? Brookmede park is perfect, it’s a small hill that has plenty of room for the kids to slow down. There are no obstacles in the way and parking is available at the school.

Castlebridge School

Another great hill for younger kids. There is a long slope with no obstacles in the way to toboggan down. Big kids can always take a run at the hill for extra speed! Parking is available on the street and at the school.

Birchwood Park

With a wide, long and steep hill, tobogganing at this hill is a great place for little and big Mississauga Kids! And there’s lot of parking to go around. This is perfectly safe because there aren’t any obstructions at the bottom of the hill.

Rattray Marsh

This a steep hill beside the marsh, located behind Green Glade Public School. Parking is available at the school. Kids of all ages will have fun at this awesome hill.

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