How to evaluate if a Private School education is right for your child.

As a parent you want what is best for your child. You spend countless hours researching the best pre-school programs before your child is even born. Once they reach school age, determining your child’s educational path can be one of the most challenging decisions parents have to face. Do you opt to go with the Public School System or look at Private School education in Mississauga? In evaluating what will work best for your child, it is vital to consider several factors.

Meadow Green AcademyMost Public and Private schools have very similar goals for their students. Every school wants to meet the needs of their students and develop well rounded individuals who will become productive members of society. The goals may be similar, but the outcomes often differ greatly. In a report on Ontario Private Schools by the Fraser Institute, it was found that 94% of parents who choose Private School education for their children do so because they are disappointed with the Public School System.

Why Private School?
A Private School education, especially in the kindergarten through elementary school grades, can help nurture and develop essential skills, critical for lifelong success. Small class sizes, individualized programming, a nurturing environment and deliberate, regular communication between parents and teachers all impact greatly on the educational success of your child.

What Should I Look For?
If you are considering a Private School education, it’s important to know what to look out for:

  • Is there a caring and nurturing educational environment?

  • Do the students look happy, confident and engaged?

  • Is there a strong academic focus?

  • Do they offer French and Science from pre-school level?

  • Is there individualized programming, regular testing and ongoing assessment?

  • Is there regular, monthly communication between parents and teachers?

  • Do they guarantee small class sizes?

  • Do they have qualified and specialty teachers?

  • Do they offer an expanded curriculum that is more rounded and extensive than the Public School curriculum?

  • Do they make use of the latest technology to support their learning program?

  • At what age do they start children on a reading program?

  • Do they offer a drama and music program?

  • What extra-curricular activities, clubs and sports are available?

meadow green academy

“Learning is a lot of fun and we believe that children are excited to discover and explore the world around them. We are very intentional in creating a fun, safe, intellectually stimulating environment for our students. We start right away with French, Science and pre-reading in our pre-school classes. The children learn to love words and reading in a nurturing, non-pressured environment. By the time they are in senior kindergarten, they are all reading, and loving it!” – Georganne MacKenzie


With a strong and deliberate focus on excellent academics, Meadow Green Academy offers a comprehensive blend of the best in traditional education, together with current technological advances. The core curriculum at Meadow Green Academy prioritizes reading, writing and mathematics, in order to develop a strong educational foundation in our students.

An emphasis on advanced learning in the areas of computers, sciences and languages, challenges students to maximize their potential in the classroom and the world at large.

Meadow Green Academy’s unwavering commitment to individual enrichment and accelerated programming is enhanced through small class sizes and ongoing, individual student assessments. Students enjoy a rich educational experience in a caring and nurturing environment, built on strong Christian values.

At Meadow Green Academy, we believe that today’s students are tomorrow’s leaders. Students are therefore encouraged to develop a global perspective by participating in mission trips which deepen their understanding of their relationship and responsibility to others, around the world.

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Meadow GreenWritten by Georganne MacKenzie OCT, B.A., B. Ed.
Georganne MacKenzie is the founder and owner of Meadow Green Academy since 1995. An experienced educator with many years of experience both in the public system and in private school, she values the individualized program that a private school education is able to provide.



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