Mississauga Family Day Closures.

While there will be plenty of entertainment options available on Family Day in Mississauga there will be some closures as well.  And when will they be picking up the garbage this week? On this Family Day there does seem to be some confusion about what will be open and what will be closed. We’re here […]

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Spend Mississauga Family Day with the Birds!

The Riverwood Conservancy is hosting a special Family Day Weekend birding activity! For three days the conservancy is hosting this special event. Come indoors and get warm making bird food ornaments to hang on the trees. Then go outside to meet Riverwood’s birds and, perhaps, hand feed the chickadees! Follow up with a hot cup […]

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Family Day 2009 in Mississauga

There will be lots of activities available for Mississauga kids and parents this Family Day in the City of Mississauga.  Libraries will be closed, however Recreation Centres and Museums will be bursting with activities.  They will be offering a variety of family drop in activities as well as running their regularly scheduled activites. “Family Day […]

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Private School offers the Froebel Gifts to Mississauga

You Have Heard of Montessori, How About Froebel? While many Mississauga Parents have heard of Maria Montessori, you may not have heard of Friedrich Froebel, but doubtless you have heard of his invention.  Friedrich Froebel, inventor of the Kindergarten, is experiencing a renewed surge in recognition and notice in today’s education circles.  Froebel’s word kindergarten […]

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UTM Baby Study Graduates Mississauga Babies!

Forty-five years ago, scientists thought that babies were born virtually blind and had little understanding of the world around them. Today developmental psychologists know that this is not true. At birth, babies recognize human faces as special. Infants younger than one month of age visually track pictures of moving faces over pictures of scrambled faces, […]

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Setting Limits for Mississauga Kids

I often have parents tell me: “My child doesn’t listen to what I say and I’m exhausted from all the daily power struggles to get her to comply with my requests. What should I do?” Some parents seem to have a hard time setting limits for their children and following through with actions for non-compliance. […]

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