New Music School Offers Music, Dance & Art Lessons

7octava Music School is a new place in Mississauga where kids can go for music, dance and art lessons! At 7octava, all of the instructors are very passionate about what they teach and they bring this passion to all of their classes.


At 7octava, they offer private music lessons for a variety of instruments including piano, guitar, violin and clarinet. They also offer vocals lessons!

7octava also has a variety of music groups that you can enrol your children in. They include a piano club for children aged 4 – 7 years, guitar and percussion groups for kids 6 years of age and older, and an art and dance group for talented kids 4 years old and up.

All music classes offer a free trial class!


Numerous studies have shown that children who have some sort of a background in music from a young age have increased brain function and brain stimulation. The Kindermusik program aims to give children that background in music from a very young age. This program is for individuals aged newborn – 7 years.


7octava offers a variety of dance classes for kids aged 4 years and older. They offer classes in classical ballet, jazz, character dance, ballroom dance and hip hop.

Their dance studio is spacious and includes mirrors. Parents are also able to stay and watch their children in any of the dance classes.

Children who join the dance programs offered by 7octava can be of any experience level, can learn multiple types of dance at once, and can join a program at any point in the year!


7octava offers numerous art classes for children, too! Your kids can have fun in their Drawing & Painting class, Cartooning Crafts class, Ceramic Making, DIY activities, and Decoration Ideas class for kids aged 4 and up. Both private and group classes are available.

7octava is offering a summer special! Click here for more information or call 647-861-1196. 

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