Mississauga Volleyball Club’s Diversity is the Envy of Canadian Volleyball Community

The Pakmen Volleyball Club of Mississauga boasts an enrollment of 1500 boys and girls playing both house league and rep ball, making it the largest youth volleyball club in Canada.  As of They have captured 22 provincial and seven national titles and have put 2 players onto the National team program and their success was noticed and recently written up in the American publication, Volleyball Magazine.

But what makes Pakmen founder and head coach Kelly Smith especially proud is its diversity.  We offer programs for boys and girls, 6 to 18 years, of all skill levels and we have worked really hard to reach out to those in our community who traditionally do not play volleyball.  Our membership reflects the diversity of Mississauga and that is something we are very proud of.

Players 6 year 13 years with little or no training go into our Spikes program which is focused on providing a supportive, non-competitive environment, where learning volleyball skills is fun.  In addition to the technical elements of the game, kids are immersed in the other side of our team-based sport … clear communication, being supportive of teammates, and good sportsmanship.  By spending time encouraging these elevements through the drills and activities, it is our that Spikes and all our programs will foster kids who are not only passionate about the game, but recognize the value of being a respectful and supportive teammate as well.

For more information about Spikes and the Pakmen Volleyball Club and its programs, please visit our website,

Last updated January 2010. Check back here soon for the Pakmen of 2012.

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