PresentsTop Toys this Christmas for Mississauga Kids is a list compiling the popular items we’ve seen and are sure your children will love!

Christmas shopping is exciting, we choose toys for our children and imagine the big smiles coming to their faces on Christmas morning. Every year there are new and exciting inventions. Sometimes our children know exactly what they want, other times they leave you guessing.

We want to help you find the right gift for your child to enjoy. We’ve looked through the toys hitting the top of popular charts and we’ve marked down the ones we think will bring the most fun for kids ages 1-4. We chose toys to encourage your child’s development and creativity since this is a key stage for development through play.

If you have children ages 5-12, click here. For teens ages 13 – 18, click here.


Mississauga Kids Top Toys this Christmas

Disney Frozen Snow Glow Elsa Doll

It seems pretty obvious that we would have a toy from the Disney hit, Frozen, on our list. This Elsa doll lights up with magic as she speaks 15 famous lines from the movie. She also sings the unforgettable “Let it go” song, with her Snowman friend, Olaf, by her side. This is a great toy to cuddle and your child is sure to recognize her!


Cookin KitchenGet Cookin’ Kitchen

This is a great toy for toddlers to work on their fine motor skills while having fun with vibrant, eye-catching colors. The kitchen includes five food-themed balls, 10 fun activities and more than 50 melodies and sound effects. Plus, a flip page book to teach fruit and vegetable identification, colours and letters.


Hound Dog Guitar

B. Woofer Hound Dog GuitarBring out your child’s inner rock star! The Hound Dog Guitar plays 20 familiar songs and nine “doggie ditties.” The realistic strings let your little one learn to strum like a true musician. Choose from 3 play modes, acoustic, electric or hound dog, and hit the whammey! Don’t worry parents, you can adjust the volume, and there is an auto-off for after 2 minutes.

Sensory Hoops

Sensory HoopsThis is a fun and simple bath toy! Aim three squeezy balls in green, orange and blue through the hoop and your child will be working on his/her large motor skills, hand-eye coordination, and cause-effect relationships while getting squeaky clean and having a blast! Add bubbles for extra fun. All pieces are fully resistant to mold and mildew.


Kinetic Sand

Kinetic SandGrab a handful of Neon Kinetic Sand and you’ll see it crumble and ooze like no other sand on the planet! Pack it tight and it sticks strong in whatever shape you make. It hardly leaves any residue in your hands and it never dries out. Playing with this sand encourages fine motor skills and creativity. Available in 2 pound packs of neon blue, green, pink, or purple.

Happy Christmas Shopping, Mississauga!


We saw on the CBC that some of these toys may not be here by Christmas! See why.

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