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Education at Star Academy encompasses many aspects of learning. More than just teaching curriculum content, the development of each student as a whole is paramount. Through this level of engagement in learning, students carry the knowledge they gain and are able to use it effectively as they enter high school and post secondary education. During each Star Academy Spread the Net Mississaugastudent’s development, from age 4 – 14 years, their appreciation of global awareness continues to expand. As their Global Village becomes smaller, their social responsibility becomes increasingly more important. Being able to assimilate a wide variety of views as they form their own unique identity is supported daily at Star. Students remain secure in themselves as part of a bigger collective without losing sight of their individuality.

Each day, Star students are learning about current events in their community and globally. They are developing an understanding of what a community entails through dialogue and interactions with peers and adults. Students become aware that change can begin with something small, and they can be that change.

Providing opportunities for students to learn about giving back to their communities – no matter how big or small – is an important lesson as they grow to become active community members. Spread the Net was a natural fit for Star Academy. Their ability to engage youth and showcase how a bed net can safe a family is a tangible cause for children to engage in. Spread the Net’s message is clear; Malaria is acquired through mosquito bites and is treatable and preventable, yet a child dies every day from malaria. A bed net costs $10 and can protect five people for up to five years.

Star Academy students raised funds through our annual Flag Day celebration and dress down day. Our grade 7 and 8 students organized a lunch hour bake sale and carnival with “Minute to Win It” games, and students individually found ways to contribute (i.e. Tooth Fairy). We are proud that our 65 students from JK to Grade 8 raised $1062.00 for Spread the Net.

1 Net – $10 – Saves Lives
65 Kids – $1062 Raised – Small School – Big Heart

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