New Mississauga Private School Caters to children with Special Needs

Mississauga Private School Kids CANVery often the unique learning styles and needs of children cannot be met in a public school classroom. Children with special needs such as autism, Asperger’s, PDD or ADHD may not get the necessary attention they require in a typical school where the teacher to student ratios can be quite high.   Many parents feel frustrated because they know their child is capable of achieving more and they can see their potential slipping away in an environment that is just not right. It seems inevitable then, that children with individual needs require a school that is designed just for them.

 Kids CAN is a Mississauga Private School offering full and half-day education for children with autism and other communicative disorders.  The school serves children in Kindergarten through to grade 6 and offers a typical school setting with additional facilities such as individual learning rooms, SMARTboard technology and a sensory gym to meet the individual needs of each student. 

The program focuses on teaching academics and social skills together through a unique multi-sensory and eclectic curriculum, which draws upon principles used in Applied Behaviour Analysis, Verbal Behaviour and the DIR/Floortime Model.   Students will engage in experiences to help them develop and master skills that go beyond the classroom and generalize into the social world. Our goal is to have children interacting with their environment rather than simply experiencing the world from a desk. All students will receive a complete education to encompass their social, emotional, physical and academic needs.

Kids CAN Mississauga Private School

As part of the school day there are specialized instruction times where children participate in art and music therapy as well as speech and occupational therapy consultations.  Understanding a child’s full range of strengths and challenges is necessary when designing and implementing an education plan to address all areas of development and not exclusively academic skills.  All children, and especially those with special needs must first develop a strong foundation of social and emotional skills so that they can think, relate and communicate with their world.  These are the pivotal skills that are often missed or overlooked in typical school settings. 

Children with autism may have challenges communicating, socializing and relating, processing auditory and visual information, following classroom routines, understanding academic concepts, playing, and regulating sensory information.  These challenges may inhibit them from fully participating in a typical classroom setting or extra curricular activity, however in the right environment many of these challenges can be overcome.  Children can learn to interact and communicate with others, participate in an academic classroom and begin to make friends. 

Kids CAN is open to all children who can benefit from an individual education plan and a school which is tailored to meet their unique needs.


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Michele Kane has a BA in Psychology from Wilfrid Laurier University and Master of Teaching from Griffith University, Australia.  She has 10 years of experience working with children with special needs and is a Co-founder and Director at Kids CAN. Kids CAN opened its doors to children with autism and other special needs in 2007. 


Kids CAN is holding a parent information session on August 6th 6:30-8:30pm.  The session will be about the new private school program for opening September 2009.  Kids CAN serves children with autism and other communication disorders who are between the ages of 3-12 years. 
Please contact (905) 486-1035 or visit for more information.



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