In a few weeks, two lucky students in Mississauga’s Clarkson/Lorne Park area will each be awarded a Math Scholarship​ for 104 hours of free tutoring.

foto-academy-outsideWe spoke with Nick Gheorghescu from the Academy for Mathematics & English who launched this special initiative.

“Even though some children need a lot of help, their parents cannot afford it,” Nick explained. “So we said, let’s give 2 local kids world class tutoring for free, so we can help them earn better grades and secure bright futures for themselves.” Adding, “sometimes a guiding hand at just the right time can alter the trajectory of a young person’s life. It’s that thought that motivated us to offer these 2 scholarships.”

Nick approached the principals of all schools in Clarkson/Lorne Park, the area where his tutoring centre recently opened. To qualify for this opportunity a student must have a demonstrably strong need for math tutoring, yet not have the financial means to afford it.

Nick adds, “we have asked local principals to nominate 2 students for consideration, along with background information on each candidate. After carefully reviewing all the candidates’ information, we will select 2 students who we feel would most benefit from 2 hours per week of free math tutoring for an entire year.”

Over the last 21 years the Academy has helped tens of thousands of students across Canada get better grades and experience elevated self confidence. Their unique audio-visual tutoring programs on average boost students’ grades 1 to 2 full school grade levels in less than 6 months. For example, a typical grade 6 student will be operating at a grade 7 to 8 level within 6 months of initial enrollment.

In math, the students use headphones with Ipod Nanos. At the beginning of class a student listens to a new topic on the iPod Nano, while simultaneously reading the corresponding text. Nick explains that they “do this at the same time because it’s proven that a student​ can accumulate and recall material better if they simultaneously use 2 senses – in this case, visual for reading and auditory for listening.” 

Throughout the tutoring process, a designated tutor watches over each student’s progress and provides guidance when needed. Students work in their own private learning booths and progress at their own pace. Their Ontario-based curriculum uses a modular, stage-gate design that ensures a student masters each topic before moving onto more advanced topics. This leads to complete mastery, with no learning gaps along the way.

“To begin, we identify each student’s strengths and learning gaps and then we create a customized learning plan to systematically fill in those gaps as well as accelerate learning in areas where a student is already strong. Based on each student’s unique learning profile, we recommend a program to accomplish their goals. Unfortunately, some economically disadvantaged children need a tremendous amount of help that goes well beyond the financial means of their parents,” acknowledged Nick.

If you would like your child to be considered for this scholarship, contact your child’s principal. Keep in mind the Academy is located in the Clarkson/Lorne Park area, so to qualify you must reside within the local community. In the future, Nick hopes to expand this opportunity to help even more students in need.

tw-profilePL_400x400As a service to the community, Nick is also offering free evaluations to all students. A free subject evaluation will tell a parent exactly how well their child is currently doing in a particular subject, including pinpointing their child’s precise age and grade equivalent, based on the Ontario curriculum.

For more information about the Academy for Mathematics & English, click here.

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