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Kinder Kids Preschool has opened their first location abroad at 1575 Clarkson Road North in Mississauga. We met with Principal Wayne Kim and Director Stephanie Winter to learn why parents should send their children to this International School.

Kinder Kids Mississauga has a brand new facility with a modern layout and spacious classrooms. It has an indoor gym, which will be complete with a rock climbing wall, yoga and gymnastics studio. The children even have a fully functioning kitchen and musical instruments to develop their musical abilities.

Children as young as 18 months are welcomed into their international curriculum. Kids are set up with a 5 year plan including set goals to ensure they are working to reach their full potential. They’re then split into 5 groups based on age and abilities. This ensures each child feels safe in an environment that matches their cognitive stage and physical ability. “We want the children to feel confident” explains, Principal Wayne Kim. Baby classes are also offered at 6 months. These classes offer activities for parents and their babies while letting the child become comfortable with the Kinder Kids environment.

Kinder Kids ClassroomAs a result of their international curriculum, they have a different ideology than most schools in town. Stephanie Winter, director of Kinder Kids in Mississauga, adds, “we have our own in-house workbooks and materials that sets us apart from other schools.” Class sizes are small, about 8-1, which allows for individual attention. Teachers are also told to allow more time for children to express themselves each day.

The most impressive part of the Kinder Kids curriculum is their phonics program. Children will read three letter words at age three. “When they go to senior kindergarten, they will be reading books and comprehending,” explains Kim. Children also learn to write using phonics and theme based learning.

Kinder Kids Kitchen

Another thing that sets Kinder Kids apart is how they encourage children to learn about their friend’s and their own heritage. This allows the children to broaden their minds at a very young age to all the cultures they will be surrounded by in a country as diverse and dynamic as Canada.

Children will adopt their own organic vegetable plant in the spring to nurture, grow and eat. Kim claims “very few children continue to hate vegetables after they start growing their own!” Children taste and see the different between store-bought and home-grown vegetables while promoting an organic and self-sustaining lifestyle. They’ll also learn about math and science through cooking and baking. This is an interactive (and tasty) way to learn basic skills and encourages healthy eating habits.

Craft at Kinder Kids“We also want to make the school for the parents, so that they can enjoy sending their children here,” adds Principal Kim. “We like to show the end result”.

Parents are invited to events that display the children’s abilities and how much they’ve learned. They will see how the children are progressing in physical and musical education along with their social skills. “When the parents see this for the first time in Canada, they’re going to cry,” exclaims Kim.

Ribbon Cut Kinder Kids

Kinder Kids celebrated their grand opening for the public on May 24th, 2014. Mississauga Mayor Hazel McCallion gave her best wishes to Kinder Kids before she cut the ribbon to officially open the school, remarking how they will “help to keep families together” as they travel for work and that the concept of International Schools is in its infancy. Mayor McCallion adds, “I think it’s going to become quite the accepted process for large corporations, so we welcome you and I hope this will be a great success.”

Face Painting at Kinder KidsAfter the opening, families were invited to meet their teachers, enjoy crafts, games, face painting, a visit from local Firefighters and more!

Registration for the fall is already filling up. If you are interested in enrolling your child contact Kinder Kids now!

Call: (905) 855-1111


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