Mississauga parents will be thrilled to know that Kid to Kid Mississauga is now open and ready  to help them save money. Hosting their Grand Opening in August, Kid to Kid Mississauga is not a consigment store but a store that resells high end, brand name kid’s clothes, gear, toys and more. So if they are not a consignment store, are you wondering how it all works?  We’re happy to break it all down for you in addition to sharing five other reasons you need to stop by Kid to Kid Mississauga and explore this great local business for yourself.


A consignment store takes your items and notifies you if they sell….and then you get paid. So there is no instant cash or credit.

A resale store like Kid to Kid Mississauga, takes your items on the spot and pays you cash or you can elect to get paid 20% more than their cash offer by choosing store credit.

Cash or store credit in your pocket for getting rid of things you no longer need so that you can buy the things that you do need. A complete parent win-win! Now that we’ve covered the basics, let’s go over more awesome facts about Kid to Kid Mississauga.

5 Things You Need To Know About Kid To Kid Mississauga

1. They stock brand name stuff, people.  Get rid of any misconceptions about resale stores offering poor quality clothing or brands that don’t last.  Abercrombie, Carters, GAP, Under Armour, etc.  You’ll find awesome brand name items in sizes infant right up to size 14 (boys and girls). It can be tough for parents to shell out the full sticker price for brand name clothes…so don’t! Get the same items at a much more budget friendly price at Kid to Kid Mississauga in like new condition.

2. To keep their stock full of top quality items, they typically only take 40-50% of the items people bring in.  But don’t worry, since you’ve done all that work going through your closets, they will offer to take all the items they are interested in and donate the clothing for you to the Canadian Diabetes Clothes Line Program. Love this added service option.

3. They sell brand new items too. Items such as bows, baby carriers, boys’ ties, sunglasses, travel toys, socks & tights, Melissa & Doug toys and more can also be found in the store too.

4. It is more than clothes.  You may not think of checking out Kid to Kid Mississauga for maternity wear, toys, skates, dance gear, Halloween costumes, nursery furniture, life jackets, baby gear – but they’ve got all those items too!  Save yourself the time scrolling through kijiji and just head to Kid to Kid Mississauga so that you can see everything that you might be looking for right in front of you.

5. They make it really easy to sell your items.  Their website is full of helpful tips and videos (like this one about selling your clothing items) on how to get the most money for the items you bring in.

kid-to-kid-mississauga-strollersLocated at 2273 Dundas Street West in Unit 20, shopping at Kid to Kid Mississauga makes so much sense! What parent doesn’t want more money in their bank account? What would you do with the money you save? Make sure you connect with them on Facebook so you don’t miss any annoucements about sales and discounts.

We want to give all parents a chance to experience Kid to Kid Mississauga and to put some spending money in your pocket so we’re pleased to be running a contest for a $50 gift card for Kid to Kid Mississauga!




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