With September right around the corner, children across the GTA are harbouring long faces. Not only does September mark the beginning of a new school year, but it also marks the end of summer – which of course means no more Pakmen Summer Camps.

Pakmen VolleyballFear not! Pakmen Volleyball will be back in full stride this fall with its heralded indoor volleyball programs. The programs give children an opportunity to build a foundation in the sport of volleyball while growing in a team environment. Parents can expect their children to advance their teamwork skills and discipline while staying healthy and fit.

Pakmen Volleyball prides itself on going against the grain. According to Statistics Canada, 29% of adolescents in 2007 were overweight. And this number will keep growing if things don’t change! Pakmen provides a medium for children to engage in activity while having a great time. It’s hard staying fit when you’re not having fun doing it! Pakmen Volleyball understands this and has developed a line up of programs that cater to each age group and ensure that children will have a blast while getting not only fit, but better at the sport of volleyball.

As Canada’s largest and most diverse youth volleyball club, Pakmen offers a plethora of programs for children of all ages and skill levels. Our coaches are former Pakmen players who have gone on to play for their college and university teams. In fact, many of our coaches have even played on the national team! They understand what it is like to be new to the sport, and are keen to motivate kids while promoting and developing integrity and character.

Pakmen Volleyball offers a cost effective way to keep kids engaged in a healthy lifestyle, while having fun with friends and peers. Children will quickly fall in love with their new favourite sport.

Are you ready to productively spend your free time? Here’s how you can this fall:

Pakmen Fall VolleyballSpikes

This introductory volleyball program is designed for children between the ages of 6 to 13. Boys and girls will learn the fundamentals of volleyball through weekly one-hour sessions. Spikes emphasizes a supportive, non-competitive environment where children can let loose, learn volleyball, and have fun! This program is the best choice for young athletes looking to try a new sport. The program is ten weeks long and everyone plays equally. No previous experience is necessary! Each participant will receive an official Spikes t-shirt.

Technique Tutoring

Do you learn better in small group? Do you enjoy more personalized instruction?

If so, technique tutoring is the way to go. This volleyball training program is suitable for players who are beginners or at an intermediate skill level. Designed for athletes from grades 6 to 12, this program will take players to the next level by providing copious amounts of instruction through low player to coach ratios and increased attention being payed to the development of individual skills. High level repetitions of the fundamentals, and consistent feedback will contribute to a more well rounded volleyball player by the end of this program. This training program is limited to four volleyball players per coach and each sessions is one hour. Every player will receive an official Pakmen t-shirt.

Pakmen Volleyball March Break Camp 2014Private Lessons

Private lessons are conducted by Pakmen’s most senior rep coaches. Lessons are 1 on 1 (you can bring a friend for no extra charge if you wish) and are 1 hour in length. Sessions begin with a warm up and typically progress to serving, passing, and volleyball. For the remainder of the session (typically 40 minutes), coaches and athletes have the liberty to work on whatever the player would like to improve. This could include the fundamentals, or more specific drills e.g.. Footwork for middle players, setting practice for setters, etc.


This is a brand new program we are offering for the fall! BallKids is a multi-sport program designed for children aged 4-6 to simply get involved in the world of sports. Boys and girls will be introduced to the fundamental concepts and skills behind popular ball sports including basketball, soccer, and of course, volleyball.

This program is an extension of Pakmen’s commitment to getting children involved in sports! By giving children an opportunity to get involved in sports early, they develop lifelong habits of being active and staying fit.

The BallKids program focuses on the development of gross motor skills, along with strength, co-ordination, stamina, timing, and balance.

pakmenThrough BallKids, children will be introduced to new sports and will begin a path of leading a healthy lifestyle. If children can have fun while playing sports, they will put down their iPad’s for a volleyball without a second doubt! With this program children will get active, and more importantly, they’ll have a blast!

Article supplied by Pakmen Volleyball

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