Too Tall? – Emotional Bullying

About one month ago, I was observing at a school in the GTA and noticed how one child was about eight inches taller than the others in her class, even though all of them were about the same age.  Interestingly the children did not know how to react to this Bullying emotionsgiant in their midst.  They felt awkward being around her, so what did they do? They ignored her – they did not talk to her, they did not include her in their games and activities, they isolated her because they saw her as being different. She was a victim of bullying. She became very depressed, lonely, and very sad.

Bullying comes in many forms. The fact is that kids find “Emotional Bullying” such as giving the silent treatment or excluding others from groups and activities to be more harmful than physical bullying! Stories like this are common in Mississauga and across the region, the province, the country and beyond.

I have the pleasure of being able to talk about bullying in schools and I am also invited to come into classrooms and make observations. This gives me an opportunity to customize programmes not only to help one child but also to show how the students and teachers can work together as a team in the classroom.Emotional Bullying

Teachers and parents have so many obligations that sometimes it is difficult for them to give their totally undivided attention to one child. With all the demands that are put on our schedules, our stress levels may cause our patience to be taxed to the maximum.

I developed a program for that class which not only helped that child but also the others in her class. It created a safe place where they learned to show respect for each other’s differences. We have to teach children to understand that we are all unique, and that is why we are all “special”.

How are your actions perceived? Are you a role model to the children around you? We each have a role to play as either a parent, a teacher or just as an adult guiding children. It’s okay to talk and express your concerns. It’s okay to ask questions and get guidance on how to move forward. In fact it is considered normal.We want our children to be safe, to be strong and to ask for help. Together we can stop the bullying!

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Marishka Glynne


Marishka’s mission is to provide guidance to children, parents and adults to discover their power within and to achieve their goals for personal excellence and optimal wellness.
Marishka specializes in the development of self-empowerment. She works with children and adults who are struggling with personal set-backs, self-doubt, lack of confidence, fear, anxiety and limiting beliefs that prevent them from moving forward with clarity, passion and purpose.
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