On March 7th, The Ontario Science Centre invites you to the Shoppers Drug Mart OMNIMAX Theatre to experience Jerusalem like never before. Presented by National Geographic Entertainment, the film immerses spectators into the sacred streets of Jerusalem, a place that has been fought over for thousands of years.

Nadia, Farah and Revital from Jerusalem

Stunning arial shots are mixed with an intimate look into the lives of three young girls; Nadia, Farah and Revital (as seen on the right). These girls uncover the daily lives of their Christian, Jewish and Muslim families. We see what calling Jerusalem home means to each of them and the celebrations and traditions that make their lives unique.

This journey also features Dr. Jodi Magness, an archaeologist uncovering some of the greatest mysteries underneath the city as we now see it. She takes us underground and presents some of the oldest artifacts to date.

Jerusalem Director

These characters paired with the captivating narrator, Benedict Cumberbatch, take us through the history, science and culture of the land held sacred to almost half the people on earth. 

The film directed by Daniel Ferguson (on left) is five years in the making and uses some of today’s greatest cinematic technology. The filmmakers were even granted permission to enter the city’s strict no fly zone, meaning this is the first time anyone has been able to capture such vast arial images of the Old City .

Through this film we see harmony in respecting each others differences and the desire to break down the walls that keep us segregated.

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