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The Art of the Perfect Bake Sale

With the current economic situation raising concerns over increasing cost and dwindling resources Mississauga Schools are sure to be looking for ways to increase the monies they raise through fundraisers.  A bake sale might be one of the options your school’s parent council considers…

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Family Literacy Day – January 27 2010

January 27 is Family Literacy Day! With all the distractions in our lives it is difficult to get children hooked on reading. Each age group is different and therefore requires a unique approach to inspire excellent literacy habits. The Family Literacy Day organizers have provided us with some tips to encourage us to keep reading […]

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Missisauga Kids Benefit from Learning a Second or Third Language!

More than half the world’s population is bilingual. At a time when the world is becoming increasingly interconnected, learning another language is a step towards joining a global community. Second language study benefits everyone in our society. The study of another language leads to greater cognitive development in the areas of mental flexibility, creativity, divergent […]

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Pay Attention to ATTENTION for Mississauga Kids

The ability to sustain concentration is crucial to success in Life. There are two aspects to attention when it comes to helping your children:one has to do with giving them sufficient attention and the other concerns helping them learn to pay attention.

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New After School Programs for Mississauga Kids

MontessoriWorks a Montessori School in Mississauga has come up with a selection of after school activities that add variety and diversity to After School Programs for children.  Their programs are open to all Mississauga Kids.  If you’re looking for a fun creative afterschool program for your child why not check these out!

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CP School of Music & Arts Expands to Serve Community Better

The Canada’s Professional School of Music & Arts has expanded to offer more diverse programs and convenient class times to the residents of North Mississauga. According to school director Elena Gnenna, the school has grown faster then anticipated since opening in 2003.The fast growth is due to a dedication to providing convenient, top quality instruction […]

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